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Benefits of Biofeedback

Benefits of Biofeedback

A little stress can be helpful to boost your energy and accomplish tasks when you are under pressure. But long-term stress can be detrimental to your health, lead to chronic conditions, disease and even death. Long-term stress degrades your body’s resilience.

Biofeedback reduces stress; which supports your body’s ability to:

- Improve digestion and nutrient absorption

- Boost immune system functioning

- Balance blood pressure and improved circulation

- Relax tension in muscles, reduce aches and pains

- Increase circulation

- Decrease inflammation

- Balance mood, concentration, irritability, anxiety and panic attacks

- Increase energy

- Balance libido

- Balance hormones

- Strengthen self-maintenance and repair systems

- Support reproductive systems

- Improve overall wellbeing

- Sleep

- Recall short-term memories, concentrate and form rational thoughts

- Handle difficult social or intellectual tasks and behaviors

- Regulate body temperature especially in the hands and feet