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HeartMath System

About the HeartMath System

Experiencing anxiety, depression, or residual trauma from events in your life? Is your blood pressure high? Want to learn how to mitigate stress “in-the-moment” as it occurs?

Learn how to consciously control and balance stress before it becomes a problem, by learning to control your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Use scientifically designed and researched heart-focused techniques proven to support and mitigate symptoms of stress. When your ANS is in balance, your entire body benefits. Your ANS controls digestion, lowers blood pressure, slows and increases the heart rate and impacts immune function. It also calms your fight or flight stress reaction. These sessions include simple, easy to learn heart-focused techniques, goal setting, stress management education and fun filled experiential practice time using HeartMath’s personal biofeedback technology. Once students develop a designated proficiency level, games are included where you control the computerized game hands-free by maintaining specific levels of coherence or autonomic balance. Both children and adults love these sessions!

Allow 60 minutes per individual session.

Discounted package rates available, call our office for more information. Group workshops are periodically available; add your name to our sign-up list if you are interested.

For more information visit: