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Experiencing anxiety, depression, or residual trauma from events in your life? Is your blood pressure high? Do you have stress in your life?

Learn scientifically designed, easy to learn, heart-focused techniques to self-regulate anxiety and other negative emotions. Develop self-empowerment skills to achieve mental and emotional health, build resilience, and increase individual or team coherence and performance.

Learn how to consciously control and balance stress
in-the-moment as stress occurs, by learning to control your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) using researched heart-focused techniques proven to support and mitigate stress and other symptoms.

When your ANS is in balance, your entire body benefits. Your ANS controls digestion, lowers blood pressure, slows and increases the heart rate and impacts immune function. It also calms your fight or flight stress reaction.

HRV training sessions incorporate simple, easy to learn heart-focused techniques developed by the HeartMath Institute and fun filled experiential practice time using HeartMath’s personal stress relief biofeedback technology. Other techniques like future visioning, mindfulness, stress management and stress education may also be integrated into your training.

Once students develop a specified proficiency level, computerized hands-free games are incorporated into the training. By maintaining specific levels of coherence or autonomic balance students hone their self-management proficiency levels as they play “hands-free” games solely by maintaining their coherence.

Both children and adults love these sessions!

A key difference with the HeartMath Techniques is the Emotions Based Model.

The focus is on changing how we feel rather than what we think. An emotions

based approach can help you to transform stress, build emotional stability,

sharpen mental acuity, increase peak performance and improve health and resilience.

Thought based or cognitive models such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy or

CBT require repetition and willpower to shift cognition and thought patterns,

to shift choices, to shift behavior.  HeartMath’s Techniques teach us to shift our

feelings in-the-moment. When we feel good, we think differently and our

behaviors follow accordingly. This shift can be felt by others and it has a ripple

effect on people in our lives and at work or school.

The techniques used were scientifically developed and tested by the HeartMath Research Institute.

Dr. Stephen W. Porges a distinguished university scientist, professor of psychiatry and originator of the Polyvagal Theory commented, that he believes emotion based techniques will replace CBT in the future.

HeartMath HRV training sessions help people bring their physical, mental and emotional systems

into balanced alignment using their heart’s intuitive guidance.