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The health of your teeth can impact the health of your entire body. Dental materials are placed directly in your mouth, often permanently. Did you ever wonder what might happen in a few years if your body has sensitivities to these materials or they create ongoing stress?

Pre-checking Dental Materials
allows your dentist to select and use materials that will minimize stress to your system. Less stress supports your body’s efforts toward quicker recovery and healing, reduced pain and inflammation and minimal impact physiologically.

Dental materials are checked and your body’s stress response is viewed and noted on a handout which you can take with you to your dental appointment.

It’s best meet with your dentist first to identify what needs to be done. Then before scheduling your follow-up appointment, contact Harmony Factor to schedule a dental biocompatibility session.

Harmony Factor will contact your dentist prior to your session to validate the materials they use and can test the compatibility of dental materials to assist you by identifying low stress materials for your dental procedures. Some materials may need to be ordered ahead so contact Harmony Factor as soon as you meet with your dentist.

Please let your dentist know during your initial dental appointment that you are planning to have a biocompatibility session with Harmony Factor and that we will be contacting them. Once your appointment is scheduled with Harmony Factor, we will coordinate with your dentist to ensure we have the correct materials for your dental procedure.

Additionally, following any dental procedure we recommend that you schedule a session to release and rebalance any residual stress in your jaw, facial muscles, teeth, gum, tissue or nerve disruption from anesthesia or from normal pulling and stretching during your procedure. We can also support and balance emotional or physical trauma experienced during the procedure.

Even the most careful dentist may unintentionally damage a nerve or create trauma and stress on an emotional or physical level. But there’s no reason you should have to live with that ongoing stress.

General Dental Stress Support

Until you can get in to see your dentist, Harmony Factor can help your body release stress related to gum or nerve pain, damaged dental materials, sensitivities, infection, inflammation, swelling, TMJ or clenching. Addressing these stresses supports your body’s efforts to heal and reestablish balance and harmony following your treatment.