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" Worry and stress affect the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system and profoundly affect heart action. "

Dr. Charles Mayo MD

Who Can Benefit From Biofeedback?

From infants and adolescents, students, adults and seniors, even your family pets! All can experience the stress reducing, life enhancing benefits of Biofeedback. Individuals with pacemakers or any electronic implants should seek written approval from their physician. Pregnant? We will be happy to work with you and your baby after your delivery.

What are the Benefits of Biofeedback?

Put very simply, biofeedback passes information to your body so you can begin to correct course and learn to self-regulate.

Biofeedback is safe, non-invasive and preventative.

Biofeedback facilitates the discovery of underlying causative stress factors in diseases and disorders. Systems educate or entrain the body and mind to provide energetic rebalancing of negative or chaotic vibrations and ultimately teach your body how to identify and diffuse long held negative stress patterns, producing a better future experience emotionally, physically, spiritually and mentally.

Biofeedback can support your body’s efforts to recover from nearly any diagnosed condition, disease or treatment.

Biofeedback uses high-tech computerized programs, the latest in technology, to test for stresses and imbalances.

Some biofeedback systems can identify imbalances and probable causes of symptoms in just minutes.

Balancing your body using biofeedback offers a large variety of options and thousands of possible balancing frequencies to support your body’s healing efforts.

Biofeedback is a catalyst to support your body’s natural tendency toward balance, wellness and harmony!

What Types of Issues Does Biofeedback Address?

Biofeedback can address and support your body’s efforts to deal with thousands of negative stresses. It can also help you to stimulate and relieve a number of positive feelings and behaviors. Here are just a few examples:

 Stresses related to lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

 Environmental and Industrial Toxins: Stress due to heavy metals like asbestos and amalgams, chlorine, pesticide, herbicide and insecticide poisons, airborne allergens and radiation.

 Pathogenic Stress:  Bacteria, viruses, fungi and others.

 Physiological Stress due to: Injuries, strains, medical or dental conditions, nutritional, digestive, sinus and respiratory complaints, food sensitivities and additives, spinal anomalies, autism, circulatory problems, sleep disorders and other imbalances.

 Emotional and Behavioral Stress: Addictions, anxiety, fear, depression, bi-polar disorder, anger and irritability. Support of positive processes such as alertness, conflict resolution, creative visualization, positive thoughts and solution finding.

 Mental Stress: ADD/ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, speech impediments.

 Spiritual or Mystic Stress:  Energy field clearing, ESP stimulation, meditation enhancement and more.

What Does Biofeedback Feel Like?

Depending on the system used, most people feel nothing at all during a session, while others have spoken of feeling deeply relaxed, revitalized, or pain free. These deeper results of reduced stress however can be profound. You may also notice subtle positive changes in your body immediately, days or even weeks later as your body incorporates and responds to the feedback.

How Long Is A Session?

Sessions can vary from 60 to 120 minutes, depending on discussion time and are tailored to meet individual needs. A variety of modalities can be used and custom sessions are available to address specific issues or goals.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

This depends upon the systems used, your goals and objectives, how your body responds to biofeedback, lifestyle changes you make, or even how much you practice your stress management techniques.

Everyone is unique and this will vary from person to person. A general rule some practitioners use to answer this question is: For every year it took to get you to the point you are at, add a month. For example, the cause of Diabetes may have actually begun 5 to 15 years before symptoms manifested. By the time you are diagnosed with a disease, you are already 40%-60% into that disease.

This also greatly depends on you and your body’s willingness to implement changes and release stress.

Individuals willing to partner with their Biofeedback Specialist can increase the benefits of biofeedback by making adjustments and gradual changes to their lifestyle to reduce stress in multiple areas of their lives resulting in improvements in the quality of their life and overall wellbeing.

What Session Should I Start With?

If you just want to get a taste of what Biofeedback is all about and make some lifestyle changes, a Multiple Stress Profile is a good place to start.

This is for those who are looking for general information before starting a new diet, nutrition plan, lifestyle change, or anyone having trouble losing weight. This session can help to identify whether food sensitivities exist or if detoxification may be needed prior to embarking on the new changes. Information you receive can empower you to further reduce your stress during this transition period.

Before and after your hospital visit or dental treatment, biofeedback can support your body so it can lessen pre- and post-operative stresses on both a physical and emotional level (anxiety, trauma, grief, detoxification from anesthesia, pain). It can also support your body’s recovery efforts for healing wounds, regenerating bone, strengthening the immune system and much more. Call about our Dental and Medical Support Sessions.

If you would like more detailed information about the types of stress your body is dealing with, stress related to a diagnosed condition, or specific stress symptoms you are experiencing, you will need to come for at least two sessions. Check out our Standard Biofeedback Sessions.

Once a baseline has been established, we’ll be able to determine a schedule that will meet your needs, whether you need monthly maintenance or you are dealing with a chronic condition. Your biofeedback professional will help you come up with a program that’s individualized for you. Packages are also available at reduced rates.

Seasonal tune-ups once each quarter are a great way to support your body as it adjusts to changes in the weather, pollen, colds and flu, or new seasonal foods.