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Our goal with stress management is to minimize dis-ease in the body.   

This approach can take many non-conventional forms depending upon what the issues, concerns, needs or desired outcomes are for each individual client.

We typically utilize a comprehensive holistic approach by addressing the energetic, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual self. This may include stress management techniques, exercises, discussion, education and a variety of biofeedback technologies.

For example, stress management for a person with anxiety, may begin with an initial focus of supporting the body’s ability to relax and rebalance the autonomic nervous system, specifically their stress response so the individual can feel calm again. Once the person is able to feel calm again, they will be able to think and focus with greater clarity. We may then add HeartMath HRV Training and techniques to enable the client to self-manage when they begin to feel stressed or anxious. We typically look at emotions and behaviors the client is resonating with to raise their awareness. We may also look at nutritional and lifestyle factors which may be contributing to their anxiety.

For a client with severe pain and inflammation we may teach the body to better manage the pain and inflammation initially, while educating the client on the elimination of any stressors that are contributing to the inflammation in their body. In this case the process might incorporate education about diet and lifestyle choices, investigating food sensitivities, environmental stress factors, pathogens, heavy metals, pesticides, and/or nutritional imbalances for example. Since physical symptoms can be manifested from negative emotions, we will raise our client’s awareness of emotional stress factors and teach their body how to release them using biofeedback technology.

For a client with sleep issues, we may begin by teaching the body and mind to regulate brain waves, the pineal gland, and hypothalamus to eliminate stressful imbalances contributing to their sleep issue.

By adopting a holistic approach to stress management we empower our client’s ability to take charge of their stress and overall wellbeing.