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“My chiropractor suggested that I see Loraine McIntyre to help alleviate my pain issues caused by the stress of long hours at work. I did not want to become addicted to Aleve and other pain medications forever so Loraine’s use of Biofeedback & Stress Management helped me understand what was going on and gave me a new way to deal with the stress and pain. I didn’t realize that my pain was caused by stress. Thru diet, exercise and her guidance, I am on the road to recovery. Her amazing computer programs have helped me so much.”

Merri, Dubuque, IA

“For 4 ½ years I struggled with diarrhea and could find no help. Earlier this year I was referred to Loraine. A scan revealed my sensitivity to coffee and dairy products as well as an assortment of other sensitivities. Inflammation throughout my body is not causing as much pain any longer. It is very much easier to get around.”

Helga, Portland, OR.  

“Hello! I am a massage therapist and I was led to Harmony Factor/Loraine McIntyre through experiencing the amazing results of a client. The client’s muscles were dense and stiff, almost felt like bricks sometimes. So massages could be painful. After implementing plans from the biofeedback sessions, the difference in the muscles was amazing. The muscles were very pliable and the tension could be easily worked out. The client was happily surprised and said that the massage was very relaxing and peaceful with no pain. Amazing!”  :-)

JLO, Mount Carroll, IL


“Loraine has been helping me deal with decades long issues of stress and anxiety. We have used two systems – the LIFE System and the HeartMath System. The LIFE System is so easy – I sit in a comfortable chair with a sensor pad behind my back while the program questions my body about a huge number of functions and then feeds back to me positive responses to anything that isn’t working optimally – (hence the term feedback).  The HeartMath Program monitors my heartbeat looking to see if the pattern is jagged and irregular indicating stress – or smooth waves showing more positive thinking. She has been helping me learn to switch to positive thoughts when stress starts. This can also be practiced at home with the Inner Balance app and sensor.   I’m getting much better at recognizing when negative thoughts start to dominate and then replacing them with positive caring thoughts. My favorite mantra that she has shared with me is ‘Happiness is a choice I make’.”

Jo, Galena, IL