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Standard Biofeedback Session
A low cost way to comprehensively view stress throughout your body and energy field that could be affecting your health. You relax! We focus on bringing harmony into your life. Sessions may include comprehensive scans using the technologically advanced professional L.I.F.E. Biofeedback System (Living Information Forms Energy), Body Balancing, Detox/Allergen scans, HeartMath HRV Training and Stress Management Coaching.

       90 min. $125*
Custom Biofeedback Session 60 min. $85*
These are customized shorter sessions based on your needs.

Prepaid packages are available at a discounted rate, they provide flexibility and savings and can be used any time weekly, monthly or as needed.   

If scheduling a Standard or Custom Biofeedback Session, it is recommended that new clients complete a minimum of two sessions, for more in depth information. As with all our biofeedback sessions, we are looking for root causes for your stress. Otherwise, one of the following sessions, may meet your needs.

Multiple Stress Profile Session – $85                                                                               
This session identifies stresses from multiple areas: environmental and industrial toxins, pathogens, food sensitivities, airborne allergens as well as personal and self-induced stress factors (like tobacco, alcohol, sugar, or gluten) and whether your body is in need of detoxification. Heavy metals, dyes and other allergens or food sensitivities, as well as glands, pesticides, toxins and emotions. This information will empower you by providing a baseline to begin your journey to a healthier life and lifestyle. If you are having trouble losing weight, this is a good scan to do. Clients have said it was the best money they ever spent!

Dental Health
The health of your teeth can impact the health of your entire body. Dental materials are placed directly in your mouth, often permanently. Did you ever wonder what might happen in a few years if your body has sensitivities to these materials and they create ongoing stress? In addition, even the most careful dentist may still be unable to prevent trauma and stress on an emotional, physiological or physical level.

Pretesting of Dental Materials – $85
Dental materials are checked and your body’s stress response is identified. This allows your dentist to select and use materials that will minimize stress to your system. Less stress supports your body’s efforts toward quicker recovery and healing, reduced pain and inflammation and minimal impact physiologically. Rates may vary depending on number of materials to be tested. Most sessions are $85 depending on the size of your dentist’s test kit. Harmony Factor is currently working with Kuttler Dental (Dubuque, IA) and can test the compatibility of dental materials to assist you by identifying low stress materials for your dental procedures.

Please contact our office BEFORE booking your dental appointment.

If you would like your dentist added to our list, let us know. We’ll be happy to give them a call on your behalf.

Dental Stress Support - $85
Following any dental appointment, help your body release any stresses related to anesthesia, gum or nerve disruption, dental materials, emotional or physical trauma, pain, sensitivities, infection, inflammation, swelling, TMJ or surgery. Addressing these stresses supports your body’s efforts to heal and reestablish balance and harmony following your treatment. Please bring a list of the specific teeth that were worked.

Medical Stress Support
Price depends upon needs.
Before or after any medical stay or procedure, allow us to help your body transition on both a physiological and emotional level. Call for more information.


“The underlying concept is that the body knows how to maintain balance unless thrown off by disease; therefore, if one wants to restore the body’s own healing ability, everything should be done to bring it back into balance. It is a very simple notion that has profound consequences.”  - Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Harmony Factor Individual Services

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To schedule your appointment please call one of our offices:

563-556-9642 at the Body & Soul Wellness Center in Dubuque, IA

Biofeedback is an acceptable expenditure on most employee health flex plans. As biofeedback continues to become more mainstream, more insurance companies are expanding their policies and coverage. We urge you to contact your insurance company or provider personally to see how your biofeedback services are covered.