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What is Biofeedback

" Worry and stress affect the circulation, the heart, the glands, the whole nervous system and profoundly affect heart action. "

Dr. Charles Mayo MD

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback can be anything that gives us information about our body. In today’s world, technology in some form is typically used to measure this information. There are many types of biofeedback systems. At Harmony Factor we use a variety of systems based upon your individual needs.

How can biofeedback “give my body a voice”?

In school you were taught about atoms with neutrons, protons, and electrons. We know that these entities vibrate and that electrons rotate or spin around that atomic center. This rotation creates energy and a magnetic field or vibration. The cells in our body are composed of these atoms. So every cell in your body has a magnetic field and generates a unique frequency.

Many biofeedback devices measure these electrical activities within the body (electrical impulses of the heart, the muscles or in our brain waves). Healing or good health occurs when our bodies vibrate at an optimal frequency or harmonic. As stress or “dis-ease” is encountered our bodies shift out of balance and our frequencies change.

Our thoughts, feelings and emotions or how we react to our world, create our human experience, determining whether we have a positive or negative experience. Every thought, word and feeling has a vibrational frequency which produces either a positive or negative charge in our body. These vibrations can be measured using biofeedback devices.

Negative vibrations are a potential catalyst for imbalances in the body and its energy field. Left unattended these “dis-eases” can manifest into stress in our bodies, precipitating imbalances leading to physical symptoms in organs and entire systems.  

Unmanaged chronic or continued stress can lead to diseases, chronic conditions and even death.

Professional quantum based biofeedback technology is able to comprehensively identify stress or “dis-ease” throughout your body and energy field, thereby giving a “voice” to your internal self. Your energetic frequencies or physiological markers are measured using computer technology. Quantum biofeedback systems not only listen, they can also send back frequencies to entrain your body and help it use its natural ability to rebalance itself.

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